Pillar 2 : Open research data

The development of open research data

  • Creation of an institutional space in the national data repository Research Data Gouv
  • Obligation to provide a DMP (Data Management Plan) for projects funded by the University of Strasbourg. An institutional DMP model is available on the national platform DMP Opidor.
  • Creation and development of scientific tools for putting data online and visualising it (University Herbarium, Hymnologische Datenbank, POUNT, ONIROS, MIGREVAL, etc.) by the ITI Department (team CESAR) and the Library Department (research support team)
  • Creation of a Digital Humanities platform (PHUN), local relay of the French infrastructure for Humanities called Huma-Num, at the Maison interuniversitaire des Sciences Humaines d'Alsace (MISHA)
  • Creation of the Alsace Data Workshop called 'Atelier de la donnée Alsace' to support researchers throughout the lifecycle of research data; Support for researchers in drawing up data management plans.
  • Membership of the European Open Science Cloud Association (EOSC association) and the Research Data Alliance (RDA)
  • Creation and animation of a local branch of the Research Data Alliance (RDA): mailing list (scienceouverte-rda@unistra.fr), regular meetings on campus for staff