Pillar 1 : Open access

The development of the institutional open archive UnivOAK

  • Putting the bibliography of the PhD students, researchers and staff of the University of Strasbourg and its partners (associated establishments and public establishments of a scientific and technological nature (EPST)) online on the institutional open archive UnivOAK
  • Since January 2020, the full text of a newly accepted publication must be deposited on UnivOAK in its author version
  • For conference papers: deposit of the latest version sent to the organisers
  • Simple harmonisation of the policies of the University and its different partners, particularly concerning UnivOAK/ HAL interoperability
  • The data associated with the publications can be deposited in the institutional space of the University on Research Data Gouv
  • For any request for funding from an internal call for projects at the University, for any request for promotion of a researcher, for any request for a grant requiring the signature of the President of the University of Strasbourg, the bibliography of the candidate associated with this request must be extracted from UnivOAK
  • In 2022, a project to update the version of the open archive UnivOAK is underway; a new tool is being chosen to manage the archive, dSPACE. The migration work will be completed by 2023.

Encouraging open access publishing

  • Only the costs of publishing in full open access journals can be funded with the University's core support for research units
  • In terms of support for open access initiatives, the University provides financial support to many organisations.