Pillar 4 : Training and upgrading the skills of internal actors

Support for change through training of the scientific and technical staff

  • Organisation of scientific events on open science: Open access week (OAW), Open access Month, Love Data Week, Printemps de la donnée (with INRAE) and occasional conferences when external speakers come to the University
  • Organisation of workshops by the Maison Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l'Homme Alsace (MISHA)
  • On-demand trainings by the Library Department in the research units and doctoral schools (in 2020: 48 hours, 383 participants)
  • Creation of an internal working group on doctoral training in open science, led by Noémi Cobolet
  • Creation of the Alsace Data Workshop (ADELE Helpdesk) which includes a reinforcement of training actions for scientific and technical staff