Data visualization with R

Past event

Learn data visualization using R

22 May 2024
9h30 16h
Strasbourg - Esplanade Campus - Studium - Entresol - Room E02



This is the second part of a course on advanced uses of R. It is dedicated to data visualization using R.

The course takes place on two consecutive days, one day of 5 hours for each part. The first part is on programming in R. Please note that both parts are  face-to-face, not online sessions.

You are invited to follow both parts in a row, but you are also free to cherry pick only one part of this course. Due to the limited number of participants, priority will be given to those registering for both parts.



1. general plotting functionality in R

  • plotting types (scatterplot, lineplot, barplot, histogram, etc.),
  • adding math, text, and more to plots,
  • plot settings (through the par() - function),
  • directing plots to output devices such as gnp, pdf, tex (tikZ), or html.

2. plotting with ggplot2

An R package for data visualization that recently gained prominence in the community and an outlook on the brave new world of tidyverse (see and


Prior knowledge of R basics


Trainer: Moritz Müller

Participants: PhD students and staff from universities and research centers

Language: English

Registration mandatory via the training center URFIST website

Contact: urfist[at]