Agreements with open science clauses

As part of the negotiations with the publishers led by the consortium, or as part of international initiatives, the University of Strasbourg gets involved in several agreements including open access publication without APC payment (Article Processing Charge) and/or APC fee discounts.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

An agreement currently being finalized will enable researchers from September 2024 to deposit their accepted author manuscript (AMM) in the institutional open archive UnivOAK without embargo and at no additional cost.

This agreement does not include APC (Article Processing Charge) fees, which still must be paid by the research teams.

Until the agreement is effectively implemented, researchers will be able to deposit the accepted author version of their article in the institutional open archive UnivOAK after a 6-month embargo.

EDP Sciences

A Publish and Read agreement was negotiated by the consortium for the period 2022-2026 as part of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research french publishing support plan. This agreement provides an open access publication with a CC-BY type license without APC (Article Processing Charge) for all member institutions of the agreement within a list of 30 journals. The management is done automatically on the basis of the correspondence author affiliation address.

List of journals involved


As part of the national license concluded for 2019-2022 and extended in 2023 with the publisher Elsevier for the Freedom Complete Collection journals, the Bibliothèque Médicale Française (BMF) journals and the Cell Press collection journals, the authors from French higher education and research establishments (ESR) who wish to publish their article in open access will benefit from a 40.88% discount on the APC (Article Processing Charges) price in 2023. This discount is valid for most Elsevier journals (hybrid and fully open access), excluding Lancet, Cell Press journals and a selection of journal titles from learned societies. Once has checked and approved the correspondence author's affiliation to Unistra, the discount is granted.

List of journals concerned (UPDATE 20/02/2023)

Workflow for authors

Researchers affiliated with the Strasbourg University Hospitals (HUS) also benefit from this discount.

Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins (LWW)

Within the agreement content concluded by the consortium, a 10% discount on the APC (Article Processing Charge) rate is applied to "peer-reviewed research" articles from journals in the High Impact collection (65 titles in medicine). This applies to original research articles. Editorials, reviews, meeting summaries and letters are excluded. The discount applies if the corresponding article author is affiliated with the University of Strasbourg and if he chooses to publish in Open Access when submitting his article via the publisher Editorial Manager system.

List of journals concerned

Researchers affiliated with the Strasbourg University Hospitals (HUS) also benefit from this discount.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

Correspondence writers from subscribing institutions (including the University of Strasbourg) benefit from a reduction on the amount of the APC (Article Processing Charge) which amounts to $4995 (instead of $5495) for an immediate open access publication.

As a reminder, all articles are available for free in open access on the journal's website six months after the publication date.

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

The subscription to the RSC journal collection suscribed by the University of Strasbourg includes a number of prepaid APCs (Article Processing Charges) (279 in 2024 across the consortium). Once the stock of prepaid APCs has been consumed, a 15% discount is automatically applied to other APCs. This 15% discount is also valid for RSC journals published natively in open access (gold open access).

The RSC workflow automatically identifies the authors' affiliation to University of Strasbourg through the domain of their email address. When their manuscript is accepted, authors receive a message stating that they can benefit from the conditions of the agreement concluded with the RSC. They are then asked to click on the link that directs them to the licensing system.

Articles published in immediate open access can be deposited in their final edited version in the institutional open archive UnivOAK.

List of journals concerned

Workflow for authors


The University of Strasbourg is a member of the international consortium SCOAP3 (the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics), led by the CERN. This consortium of 3,000 partners around the world (libraries, funding agencies, research organisations, etc.) funds the transition to open access for journals in the field of high-energy physics. SCOAP3 pays publishers in a centralized way to cover publishing and online costs, and publishers reduce the subscription fees for a hybrid journal or convert the whole journal into an open access one. Publication in SCOAP3 journals is free for authors.

List of journals concerned


As part of the subscription to the Thieme journal package, the University of Strasbourg benefits from a 50% discount on the APC amount (Article Processing Charge) which goes from €2,500 to €1,250 excluding tax for the 5 following journals:

  • Pharmacopsychiatry
  • Planta Medica
  • Synfacts
  • Synlett
  • Synthesis.

Wiley and Hindawi-Wiley

For the period 2022-2024,  the University of Strasbourg takes part in the global open access publishing and reading agreement (Publish and Read) negotiated by for Wiley journals.

Negotiated publication rights allow corresponding authors from subscribing institutions to publish in immediate open access their accepted articles in Wiley and Hindawi-Wiley hybrid and full open acccess journals, without embargo and additional cost.

These articles can be deposited in their final edited version in the univOAK open archive.

The stock of rights is calibrated to cover 100% of the subscribing establishments corresponding author articles. It represents 3001 in 2024. It is consortial and not specific to each institution; it decreases over the publications since January, 1st 2024.

When this stock of rights is over, publication in open access becomes chargeable again, but on an optional basis; in this case, a discount of 15% (Wiley hybrid review), 10% (Wiley full gold review) or 0% (Hindawi-Wiley review) will be granted.

Corresponding authors exercise their publication rights in open access through the Wiley workflow, after acceptance of their article (Wiley hybrid journals) or at the time of submission (Wiley or Hindawi-Wiley full gold journals). They indicate their home institution and choose from three CC-BY license options to affix to their article, the CC-BY license is being recommended, in particular by the ANR.

The author of correspondence eligibility to benefit from a right of publication in open access is validated by the subscriber establishment administrator to which he belongs. An author of correspondence employed by a subscribing establishment benefits from the rights of publication in open access. An author of correspondence who is not employed but hosted by an establishment can be considered as having rights of this establishment.

The agreement only covers open access publication costs. Other publication costs (additional pages, etc.) remain the responsibility of the authors or laboratories.

The Strasbourg University Hospitals (HUS) also participates in this agreement, so that their researchers can benefit from these conditions.

List of journals concerned

Author workflow – Hybrid Journals (in French only)

Author Workflow – Full gold journals (in French only)

Author Workflow – Hidawi Journals (French): file to come

Author Workflow – Hybrid Journals (English)

Author Workflow – Full Gold Journals (English)

Author Workflow – Hindawi Journals (English) : file to come

Wiley webpage regarding the deal