Introduction to R

Past event

Start analyzing data with R

16 17 May 2024
9h30 17h
Strasbourg - Esplanade Campus - Studium - Entresol - Room E02



The aim of the course is to put you in the position to start analysing data using R. Every student exits the course with a first script that reads in data, performs some basic statistical analysis, and saves/outputs the results.

Thank you for using your own laptop. We will work with the basic installation of R (from and the interface RStudio (from, desktop version). Pre-installation of R and RStudio on your laptop is not necessary but will save time.

Please note that this session is  face-to-face, not online.



This course provides a first introduction of R for students and scholars across all disciplines.

R is the leading, free software language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. A lecture talk introduces the basic concepts of R. Hands-on exercises exemplify theoretical explanations and provide familiarity with R.



No prior knowledge of R or any other programming language is required. Basic knowledge of statistics is assumed.


Trainer: Moritz Müller

Participants: PhD students and staff from universities and research centers

Language: English

Registration mandatory via the training center URFIST website

Contact: urfist[at]