European University Association commits to open science

Discover the 2025 agenda of open science actions to be led by the European University Association (EUA)


Open Science Agenda 2025

The European University Association (EUA) brings together 47 European universities, including the University of Strasbourg. In 2022, the association published its action agenda for 2025 to take concrete action in favour of open science.

The action plan is available online.

Virtual events on Open Science & research evaluation reform

In addition, the association offers online workshops on research evaluation reform.

To find out about upcoming events open to all, visit their website.

The association's open science policy is also presented online.

Position papers & reports

Relevant reports on open science in European universities are available in the Association's publications library (Issue: Open Science).

In 2022, the association made public, among other things:

  • A closer look at Open Access to research publications in European universities (available online)
  • A closer look at research data practices in European universities (available online)
  • EUA welcomes Council Conclusions on research assessment and implementation of Open Science (available online)